Evgeny Kiselev – Where Is He Now!

Russian born Evgeny Kiselev played for the Waterloo Siskins of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League four season ago. Evgeny (Geno to his team mates) was the hardest working player on the team and always had a smile on his face. Geno loved hockey and his commitment to being an athlete could only rub off on other players. Evgeny’s work ethic was like no other.

It’s no wonder that Evgeny’s success continued in the sport of Hockey. Evgeny left Waterloo to play in the Quebec Major Junior League finishing his stint in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) with the Quebec Ramparts where he was named “MOST VALUABLE PLAYER” for the Ramparts in his final season in Canada to date. Evgeny chose to not play his overage year in the CHL and begin his professional hockey career in Russia as part of the Moscow Dynamo organization – the Russian team that had drafted the 1997 birth year goaltender.

Evgeny’s career is flourishing back home in Russia – seen in the picture above practicing with the Russian National Team.

Way-to-GO Evgeny!

We miss your smile – continued best fortune and hope to see you in the NHL some day.

Waterloo Siskins organization.