Siskins Announce Prospect Camp Times

The KW Siskins will be hosting their 2024 Annual Spring Prospect Camp this coming weekend, featuring over 60 prospective players from around the province and even some international. Siskins Hockey Operations Team led by Mike Camilleri and Brian Huddle are eager to get a look at the potential future Siskins and get to work on building towards a championship team for the 2024-25 season.

The following schedule has been announced for the camp.


Friday, April 26, 2024 – Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex
5 PM: Registration Opens in the Lobby
6 PM: Team Oliver (Black) vs. Team Noble (Yellow) Scrimmage;
7:15 PM: Team Chartrand (White) vs. Team Wright (Red) Scrimmage; Teams Oliver & Noble Off-Ice Fitness Testing (Rec Center Track)
8:30 PM: Teams Chartrand & Wright Off-Ice Fitness Testing (Rec Center Track)
Saturday April 27, 2024 – Albert McCormick Community Centre
4:30 PM: Team Oliver vs. Team Chartrand Scrimmage
5:40 PM: Team Noble vs. Team Wright Scrimmage
7:30: Goalies On-Ice Fitness Testing
8:20 PM: Teams Oliver & Chartrand On-Ice Fitness Testing
9:30 PM: Teams Noble & Wright On-Ice Fitness Testing
Sunday April 28, 2024 – Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex
10 AM:  Team Oliver vs. Wright Team Scrimmage
*lunch to be provided between games*
1:00 PM:  Team Noble vs. Chartrand Team Scrimmage
*Exit Meetings to be conducted at the end of team’s final game*